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On-site condition monitoring with MService 

Live information to support your maintenance planning activities

MService implements the whole on-site condition monitoring concept in MNS and MNS iS from collecting field level real-time data to performing assessment algorithms and keeping users up to date on developing maintenance situations. The on-site condition monitoring solution MService can be included into your installation during design phase but also at the time of operation. This allows our service team to do either periodic or continuous monitoring depending on your requirements.

MService is packed with features that can help analyze failures and reduce mean time to repair.

Maintenance Faceplate

  • Individual page for each functional unit in MNS and MNS iS,
  • Indicates condition of each components as part of a single line diagram,
  • Additional information include all measured values, status and maintenance information,
  • Easy navigation in case of developing situations and problem analysis.

Maintenance Faceplate

Trend Logging for Powerful Analysis 

  • Online operation trend display for continuous evaluation of MNS and MNS iS performance,
  • Diagnostics trend displays for analysis of elimination of root cause,
  • History data logs for performance improvement analysis,
  • Identification of underutilized assets or analysis of lower performance of assets
  • User definable trend displays. 
Trend Logging for Powerful Analysis

User Guidance through "Knowledge Base"
  • The 'Knowledge Base' aids maintenance personnel on possible causes and provides suggestions for required actions.
  • Manages alarms and events with specific severity for operators to act accordingly.User Guidance through Knowledge Base

Maintenance Reports   

  • Daily, weekly or monthly maintenance reports highlighting the current condition and upcoming maintenance needs.

Maintenance Reports

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