A very connected place

You know when you meet it: that atmosphere where all the players seem to work in harmony. A shared sense of calm urgency, a determination to make things work, and a willingness to pull together to secure a brighter future.

The Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam
Rotterdam is one of those places. In a land where nothing less than the sea itself is kept at bay by human ingenuity and determination, the ties between the population and the surrounding ocean are deep and strong. It is here that the maritime industry finds one of its most interconnected communities, a society where the members compete, cooperate, and, most of all, communicate with each other to create maximum value from the resources available to them.

The best examples of connected Rotterdam are those that demonstrate its diversity: technological, human and economic capital, working together and reaching out time and again to find new opportunities for individual, but above all, collective success.

Rotterdam is a remarkably connected place in the maritime world. The next few stories are just some of the examples of why, and how.
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