Navigating the 4th industrial revolution

Electrification, digitalisation, and connectivity are converging on the maritime industry in a powerful combination destined to transform the way we move people and things on the water.

MD_0245Electricity is at the heart of this transformation, enabling simple and efficient integration of alternative power sources, and providing a platform for interconnected digital solutions on board and on shore.

Digital technology can deliver us into a new era of shipping.

ABB is no stranger to marine electric solutions. We have provided electric propulsion systems on board vessels for more than 70 years. Applying this experience to digital technologies now allows us to deliver vast improvements in vessel and port performance and efficiency, enough to increase profitability and reduce impact on the environment by margins unthinkable only a few years ago.

Together with cleaner power, complimentary policies, and a greater understanding of how people fit into the picture, digital technology can deliver us into a new age. ABB is supplying that technology now, helping companies take the necessary steps on the way toward a new era of shipping.

This edition of Generations contains insight from some of the most visionary thinkers of our time, from the shipping industry and without. It also contains practical advice on how smart use of today’s technology can help us move toward a cleaner, safer, and more efficient maritime industry.

We hope you enjoy the predictions, the perspectives, and the solutions presented in the 2017 edition of Generations. We invite you to share with us Shipping 4.0 – a look at what is being done today, as we strive for what can be achieved tomorrow.
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