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Onboard DC Grid™

Imagine a ship with an efficient and modern propulsion system. It is electric. It has state-of-the art propellers and thrusters chosen from a variety of available designs, it has the most advanced converters for smooth and efficient speed control, it has modern engines with common rail injection and it can be fuelled by gas. 

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The Onboard DC Grid™ technology

The Onboard DC Grid™ is a step forward in optimized propulsion and is an extension of multiple DC links that already exist in propulsion and thruster drives. Onboard DC Grid™ enables us to combine the advantage of AC components with a new smart DC distribution. Just as variable speed drive allows the electric propulsion motors to be run at their optimum working point, Onboard DC Grid™ allows the diesel engines to run at variable speed for top fuel efficiency at each load level. And, the Onboard DC Grid™ enables full flexibility in combining energy sources, including renewables.

Approval in principle by ABS

Approval in principle confirms Onboard DC Grid™ suitability for marine application. The new system supports the growth of electrical propulsion systems onboard ships.

Benefits for shipowner

- Considerable reduction of fuel consumption
- Less maintenance of generator sets
- Improved dynamic response and maneuverability
- Increased space for payload
- Ready for new energy sources

Benefits for yard and designer

- Fewer components to be installed
- Reduced equipment footprint and weight
- Easier cable installation
- More flexible placement of components

Significant results from the cable laying vessel NKT Victoria

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