ABB’s Advisory system offered decision support for Dockwise Vanguard during transportation Goliat

In the past months the flagship of the Dockwise fleet, the Dockwise Vanguard, was involved in the transportation of the ENI Goliat FPSO. The Goliat was loaded on the semi-submersible Dockwise Vanguard in South Korea at the beginning of February of this year. After a 60 day voyage, the vessel has arrived at the fjord off Hammerfest in northern Norway. The Goliat floating production, storage and offloading unit was then placed in the Goliat offshore oil field in the Norwegian sector of the Barents Sea. 

Dockwise uses the OCTOPUS advisory system on her vessels to safely plan transportations of cargoes across the globe. With the OCTOPUS systems, the master has an insight in safe heading sectors and speeds, where the risks for too high vessel motions can be avoided, and therefore damage to cargo and vessel can be prevented. The OCTOPUS advisory system is the industry standard within the semi-sub heavy lift segment, when it comes to monitoring and forecasting of vessel motions. 

Captain Oleg Maryasov from the Dockwise Vanguard said: “OCTOPUS is a very useful system onboard the vessel which helps to monitor and predict vessel's motion. It allows me to compare weather conditions and actual measured motion data of the vessel, with data calculated by OCTOPUS. I follow the predictions for the vessel motions for a few days ahead, which helps to choose an optimum course and speed.”

The Dutch heavy marine transport provider Dockwise, part of the Boskalis group, and Amarcon, member of the ABB group, have an ongoing collaboration for almost ten years. In 2006 the first OCTOPUS-Onboard system was installed on the Dockwise Transshelf. From that point on, Dockwise gradually expanded the OCTOPUS-Onboard systems on all of their semi-sub heavy lift vessels. 

In addition to supporting the Dockwise Vanguard, ABB has delivered a package including electrical, instrument, valves, control and telecom to the ENI Goliat FPSO.

ABB will also supply a range of consultation services to optimize production efficiency and decrease energy consumption. This takes in IT, security and

network infrastructure, information management, condition monitoring, operational performance monitoring and flow assurance solutions.  

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