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Marine UPS

An online double-conversion uninterruptible power supply system

ABB's uninterruptible power supply system secures the power supply to the vessel’s vital control processes; reducing risk of critical power loss and subsequent downtime.

With its compact size and robust design, the Marine UPS system is tailored to the demanding environment of onboard ships and offshore installations. Modular design and versatile configuration options allow for adaptation to your specific needs. 

Higher vessel availability

MUPS DPA™ adds a redundancy layer for critical vessel systems that is configurable up to 99,9999% availability.

High product performance

Made from high quality components, the product has excellent electrical characteristics, performing up to 95,5% efficiency. It has high short circuit current and overload capability, is type tested and especially suited to the harsh maritime environment.

Lower OPEX

Lower OPEX with long service intervals and easy maintenance. The system’s standard 15 years life expectancy can be increased to 25+ with a service agreement.



Decentralized Parallel Architecture – DPA™ - unique to ABB 


The modular approach called Decentralized Parallel Architecture (DPA™) enables multiple units to be parallel connected for redundancy (n+1) where each module is a separate UPS in itself, sharing no common components with the other modules.


The direct benefit is: if one module has a problem, the problem cannot spread, and the power supply stays online. The unique architecture also has further benefits: the units are built for fast and easy maintenance, a module can be replaced in under 10 minutes by the crew.



Fail-safe electrical design

  • High overload capability and short-circuit protection
  • Adaptable for TN and IT electrical earthing systems
  • Can be set up to have no single points of failure
  • DNV GL type test certified (pending)

High availability

  • Configurable to 99.9999% availability
  • Replace or add modules with no downtime
  • Short mean time to repair
  • Distribution section with ABB Smissline products

Robust mechanical design

  • Suitable for various temperatures (-5°C to 45°C)
  • High vibration resilience
  • IP44, protection against moisture, dust, chemicals
  • Redundant cooling system

Efficient operation / service concept

  • User-friendly operating interface
  • Remote web monitoring
  • Easy and fast UPS module replacement and power upgrade
  • Easy and fast installation
  • UPS lineup can be divided / assembled onboard for easier installation
  • Service space only required at the front

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