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H924 - OCTOPUS-Onboard Expert

This course prepares deck officers for using OCTOPUS system in the most efficient and effective way. In addition to the basic course they will understand the system architecture and be able to troubleshoot problems on site without spending time on contacting support. Amount of exercises assures that operators will fill confident while using the real software onboard. Course prepares operators for a future upgrade to a new version 7 of OCTOPUS Onboard.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to:
- Explain the OCTOPUS system architecture and identify the functions of its components
- Create a new project and configure basic OCTOPUS modules
- Configure virtual points for measurement
- Design graphs for outputting the required data in real time
- Understand the basics of vessel motions, velocities and accelerations
- Maximize the quality of input data for the system
- Accurately translate the system output into clear advices
- Implement and understand criterions
- Troubleshoot most common basic software problems
- Give the on-site introduction of the system
- Configure OCTOPUS 7 user interface dashboards
- Configure project based settings of OCTOPUS 7
- Provide first level of support


- Introduction to vessel motions - Benefits of having OCTOPUS
- OCTOPUS Onboard 5 and 7 system architecture
- Typical interfaces (manual and automatic)
- Data types
- Creating and importing new projects
- OCTOPUS user interface
- Creating custom dashboards
- Polar diagram
- Responses, Weather windows, Measurements
- Statistical operators, Real-time graphs
- Time traces
- Alarms and warnings
- Virtual points
- Data sharing based on weather forecast
- Data logging
- OCTOPUS Fleet Management System
- Network sharing and firewalls
- File based interfaces
- Motion sensors and their limitations
- Hardware FAT procedure
- Dashboard components of OCTOPUS 7
- Detailed OCTOPUS 7 project based settings


- Instructor led course with interactive classroom discussions and associated workshop exercises
- Approximately 25% of the time is used for practical exercises

Course outline

General Information

Duration: 2 days (16 hours)
Venue: Rotterdam

The students shall have a basic understanding of vessel operations and marine terminology. Participants can meet our prerequisites by attending one of
our e-learning courses.

Additional information: When the complete classroom originates from one company, specific cases (based on the client operated vessels) will be presented and discussed. Please note that a notebook with OCTOPUS software is provided by the training facility. If you wish to use your notebook, please let us know before the course will take place.
Student Profile:

The training is targeted to ship officers, project engineers and cargo superintendents.

 Download: Course description as pdf

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