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With rising demand for wind power, there is an increased need for wind turbine installation vessels, service operation vessels and cable laying vessels. ABB’s electric, automated and digital solutions help these ships enhance safety, efficiency and sustainability of operations.

Be safer

Increase vessel safety with fault tolerant systems and advisory technology that supports better decision making, including weather and wave forecasting.

Increase vessel uptime

Improve vessel availability with full overview of coming maintenance needs backed by 24/7 remote expert assistance.

Meet environmental demands

Lower emission, increase fuel efficiency and optimise power output with advanced power systems, Energy Storage and Fuel Cells.

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Supporting the fast-growing offshore wind market

With rising demand for wind power, there is an increased need for WTIVs that can serve this growing segment efficiently and sustainably. In 2020, offshore wind generation grew by almost 30 percent, with capacity additions of 6 GW1. In its ‘Net Zero by 2050’ roadmap, the International Energy Agency forecasts 310 GW in wind energy sources, of which 80 GW offshore, would need to be added to the global energy mix each year for the world to achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century.

ABB are supplying Eneti’s two newbuild vessels with advanced power, advisory, automation and control systems for improved safety and performance.

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Azipod® propulsion: delivering efficiency to offshore energy

Offshore wind farms are often located in coastal waters, where cleaner operations thanks to reduced emissions from Azipod® propulsion can provide benefits to local environments. And as installations move further offshore, the flexibility and performance advantages of Azipod® thrusters can help expand operational windows, improving overall efficiency and reducing power consumption to, from and on the site.

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