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Vertical gearmotor (VGM)

Dodge VGM

Highly efficient, cost-effective solution for low-speed vertical pumping applications

Dodge VGM

Higher efficiency and power factor

Dodge VGM

Helping industrial customers improve their energy efficiency and productivity

The Dodge Vertical Gearmotor (VGM) offers an alternative to the common vertical pump drive technologies, which utilize large, high pole count vertical motors or a combination of a horizontal motor with a right angle gear reducer. The Vertical Gearmotor can have significant benefits when compared to these other pump drive systems.


  • The Dodge Vertical Gearmotor has a smaller footprint and is lighter than traditional pump drive systems. Weight differential depends on the application, but is typically 10% to 30% less. This reduces support structure and facility costs.
  • The ability to use a lower pole count motor offers a significant cost savings opportunity over high pole count motors. The use of standard 4-6 pole motors increases availability.
  • Utilizing the reducer to accommodate thrust loading is more cost effective than designing this functionality into the motor.
  • Where an anti-rotation device is required, it is easily incorporated into the Vertical Gearmotor configuration.
  • Higher Efficiency and Power Factor
  • Optimal Pump Shaft Speed

Common applications

  • Pumping applications

Common industries

  • Chemical, Oil, and Gas
  • Water and Wastewater

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