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Dodge® Food Safe bearings

Dodge Food Safe bearings solve two of the most prominent industry challenges when it comes to bearings - grease washout and corrosion. Food Safe bearings feature a patented lubrication protection system, superior coating, and smooth design to improve cleanability and maximize life in applications that require high pressure, caustic washdown. All Food Safe bearings are IP69 rated for water, and with product registration, offer an unprecedented one-year warranty against failure due to water ingress. Offered in both standard and stand-off housings.


  • Smooth stainless-steel housing without a grease zerk designed to minimize harboring points
  • IP69 for water rating ensures suitability for aggressive, clean in place washdown procedures
  • Laser identification on the housing and insert to minimize crevices that can harbor bacteria
  • Sealed and lubed for life bearings to minimize maintenance costs
  • Unique insert design with stainless steel base material with a revolutionary KleenTec top coating for enhanced corrosion resistance against common cleaning agents
  • Max life cage prevents grease washout
  • Hydro armor seal protects internal rotating elements from water ingress
  • H1 food grade synthetic grease
  • Offered in stand-off housings for clean in place applications
  • Backside seal option for additional protection (stand-off housing only)

Common Industries

  • Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical

Common Applications

  • Conveyors
  • Mixers
  • Sorters
  • Packaging

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