Indoor current transformer cable KOLT

Cable type.Current transformers type KOLT are designed for mounting inside power transformers and suitable for operating immersed in oil, under conditions of moderate and tropical climates.

They are designed for supplying measurement and protective circuits of power systems with frequency 50 or 60 Hz. KOLT type is without resin in polyester tape insulation. Current Transformers for Power Transformers type KOLT (inner diameter 30 ÷ 1 200 mm).
The transformers are designed and manufactured in conformity with following standards:

Product scope
Primary current............................  100 A – 5000 A

Key benefits

  • Ready to be used in power grid applications
  • Operate under moderate and tropical climate conditions
  • Tested in oil immersed enviroment

Key features

  • For rated primary currents of up to 5000 A (higher values on demand)
  • For phase current measurement
  • Wide range of dimensions and elecrical parameters
  • Without or with aluminium frame
  • Reconnection at secondary side


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