Indoor voltage transformer single pole UMZ 17-1

Medium voltage indoor single pole voltage transformers UMZ 17-1 are cast in epoxy resin and are designed for insulation voltage up to 17.5 kV.

A voltage transformer which has all parts of its primary winding, including terminals, insulated from the earth at a level corresponding to its rated insulation level.

Product scope

  • Voltage transformers types: UMZ 17-1, UMZ 17-1F or UMZ 17-1P
  • Maximal insulation level: 17,5/38/95 kV
  • Rated primary voltage: (from 12 to 15):√3 kV
  • Rated secondary voltage:
    – measuring - 100:√3 or 110:√3 V
    – additional - 100:3 or 110:3 V
  • Rated power/class of measuring winding [VA]:
    – from 5 to 20(25)/0.2
    – from 5 to 50(60)/0.5
    – from 5 to 100(120)/1
  • Rated power/class of protective winding [VA]: 30/3P; 50/6P
    Insulation class: – E

Why ABB?  

  • Indoor dry type, cast resin insulated
  • For measuring and protection with up to 2 secondary windings 

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