Outdoor voltage transformer double pole TDO

Medium voltage outdoor double pole voltage transformers TDO are designed for insulation voltage up to 25 kV

This double pole insulated voltage transformers is dedicated for high demanding applications and power supply purposes.
The TDO family of transformers are cast in hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy resine (HCEP), capable of withstanding outdoor environmental conditions. The HCEP material offers superior arc track, ozone, and ultraviolet-resistive properties while maintaining physical strength. The hydrophobic surface properties of HCEP ensure highly reliable performance in wet or humid environments. 

Product scope

  • The TDO 6 outdoor voltage transformers are designed for insulation voltages up to 25 kV

Key benefits

  • The TDO outdoor voltage transformer is designed for metering line-to-line voltage
  • High burden in accuracy class
  • Resistant to outdoor conditions
  • Hydrophobic material offers superior outdoor performance and minimizes the potential for flashover

Key features

  • Hydrophobic epoxy resin (HCEP), capable of withstanding outdoor environmental conditions
  • Rated primary voltages up to 22 kV
  • Extended burden in accuracy class up to 50 VA in 0.2 class
  • With 2 reconnectable secondary windings
  • Creepage distance up to 1120 mm

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