IEC indoor current transformers ISZ

ISZ indoor, resin insulated current transformers, rated voltage 17.5 kV, rated primary current 100 to 8000 A

The ISZ 17 resin insulated current transformers produce reduced current for measuring/ recording instruments and metering and protective relays in electrical power systems.

ISZ current transformers are designed for operation in indoor equipment, in tropical or moderate climatic conditions in temeratures ranging from 268 K (-5°C) to 313 K (40°C). The lowest permissible storage and transport temperature is –55°C (218 K). The altitude for use should be lower then 1000 m above the sea level. The transformers may by used also in higher or lower ambient temperatures and higher altitudes when agreed between the manufacturer and purchaser.

Current transformers are designed, tested and produced according to international or national standards required by customers and agreed by producer. Specific standard is always mentioned on the Rating plate of transformer.

Key benefits

  • Ready for tariff metering
  • Can be easily fitted directly over a conductor or busbar
  • Easily accessible earthing electrode

Key features

  • For rated primary currents of up to 8000 A (17.5 kV version)
  • For measuring and protection with up to 6 secondary windings
  • Secondary reconnectable versions
  • Most electrical standards available

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