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Outdoor sensors

DistribuSense® sensors: enhancing grid reliability and efficiency

Today, utilities experience unprecedented challenges associated with power delivery. An aging grid infrastructure coupled with increasing consumer demand, stringent regulations, avoiding peak-time cost penalties, and integrating alternative energy sources into the grid are factors utilities must consider to improve power delivery and reliability. More data collection points, enabling greater grid intelligence, are required. Collecting from feeder locations to substations ensures the grid is optimized to address these challenges.

Current and voltage sensors are ideal for providing feeder intelligence that drives decision-making for a variety of important grid modernization applications. Utilities benefit from increased reliability and efficiency by decreasing energy costs, protecting revenue, avoiding costly regulatory penalties, and boosting customer satisfaction. Maximizing these benefits requires understanding grid conditions throughout the entire feeder network.

Product offering:

  • VCS-110 15 kV combination sensor
  • VKS-110 15 kV current sensor
  • WLS-110 15 kV combination sensor
  • KLS-110 15 kV current sensor
  • VLS-110 (15 kV), VLS-150 (25 kV), and VLS-200 (35 kV) voltage sensors
  • LVS low voltage split-core current transformer sensor
  • RSS-1 submersible current sensor

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