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LVS outdoor combined low voltage sensors

LVS low voltage split-core sensor

The LVS, part of the DistribuSense™ current and voltage sensors product family, is installed directly onto the secondary cable of a pole-mounted distribution transformer to provide current and voltage measurements to the connected intelligent electronic device. The LVS provides essential feedback for utilities to improve the reliability and efficiency of power delivery through the following solutions:

  • Meter data comparison for revenue protection 
  • Load profiling for grid network systems planning 
  • Asset monitoring for proactive maintenance scheduling 
  • System interruption identification for improved outage response
  • Voltage measurement to support conservation voltage regulation 
  • VAR and power factor measurements to support Volt/VAR Optimization

The LVS units are designed with standard current and voltage outputs to power and connect with standard intelligent electronic devices such as meters and other smart grid nodes to send data back through the existing AMI or SCADA networks. This allows utilities to customize their system solution to fit the specific distribution grid network strategy to achieve grid modernization objectives.

Other key benefits to using the LVS include:

  • Reliable 1A output signal from spilt-core CT for current measurement
  • Integrated voltage clamp for 120V output measurement and power
  • Small, lightweight, and installs live 
  • Simple retrofit for distribution transformer monitoring 
  • Designed and tested for outdoor applications 

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