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WLS-110 combination line post sensor

15 kV voltage and current combination line post sensor

The WLS-110 “combo” sensor, part of the DistribuSense® sensor family, is used in many distribution automation solutions:

  • Sensing at capacitor banks for Volt/VAr optimization
  • Sensing at overhead switches for fault detection, isolation, and restoration schemes 
  • Feeder sensing at the head and end of the feeder for conservation voltage regulation 

The WLS-110 sensor is designed to connect with meters, relays, and grid controllers for real time data acquisition.

The benefits of using WLS-110 for your system include:

  • Accurate voltage sensing provides a 120 V output
  • Accurate current sensing provides a 1 A output
  • Effective fault current detection up to 12 kA 
  • Delivers accurate current wave forms
  • Identifies power quality issues by measuring up to the 66th harmonic
  • Small with excellent balance between current accuracy and weight
  • Performance is independent of primary conductor diameter

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