Indoor voltage sensors KEVA A

Electronic instrument transformers (Sensors) offer the voltage measurements for the protection and monitoring of medium voltage power systems up to 24 kV.

Sensors based on alternative principles have been introduced as successors to conventional instrument transformers in order to significantly reduce size, increase safety, and to provide greater rating standardization and a wider functionality range.
The voltage sensor is based on a resistive divider. This sensor is non-saturable and linear over the whole measuring range. The output signal is a voltage, which is proportional to the primary voltage. 

Product scope
One sensor suitable for all applications up to 24 kV
Accuracy class 0.5/3P for voltage measurement 
Primary and secondary air insulated switchgear (AIS),
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)  

Key benefits

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Small dimensions, light weight
  • Fast and easy design process
  • High flexibility
  • Minimize cost during operation
  • Increase safety and reliability

Key features

  • Up to 24 kV
  • High accuracy up to 0.5
  • Delivered with secondary cable and RJ45 or Twin-BNC connectors
  • High linearity
  • Large dynamic range
  • No ferroresonance

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