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IEC indoor air-insulated load break switch NALFWind

New powerful switch-fuse combination developed specifically for the wind power industry

The NALFWind is adapted to 36 kV – the voltage level which is now standard for both wind turbines and peripherals. NALFWind’s high breaking capabilities (31.5 kA (peak 79 kA)) make it possible to protect transformers up to 3000 kVA with CEF-S fast acting fuses. NALFWind creates completely new possibilities in many different applications.
Product scope

The NALFWind switch-fuse combination is developed specifically for protection of transformers in the wind power industry, adapted to 36 kV with  high breaking capabilities 31.5 kA (peak 79 kA).


  • Efficient solution for transformers protection
  • Easy application in wide range of configurations
  • Smart grid and network automation ready
  • Capability for protection of up to 3000kVA 36 kV transformers
  • Full range protection in combination with CEF-S fast acting current limiting fuses
  • Safe and reliable solution for short circuit currents interruptions

Key features

  • High transfer current 700A
  • Short circuit making  capacity up to 79 kA (peak)
  • Rated short-circuit breaking current 31.5 kA
  • Earthing switch with making capacity
  • Compact dimensions
  • Visible insulating gap   

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