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IEC outdoor railway single and two phase vertical break disconnector EZC

Medium voltage single and two phase air insulated vertical break disconnector up to 25 kV, 2000 A, 40 kA.

The EZC vertical-break disconnector combines a small footprint, very high flexibility and reliable operation with minimal maintenance. It is ABB’s answer to high safety standards and ever increasing demand for modularity with a standardized product. Fully compatible with the Structure Mounted Outdoor Switchgear (SMOS), it can be used in a wide range of applications, for 17.5 and 25 kV railway infrastructure.

Product scope

  • 17.5 kV (36 kV) - BIL 170 kV, up to 2500 A, up to 40 kA
  • 25 kV (52 kV) - BIL 250 kV, up to 2000 A, up to 40 kA

Why ABB?

  • Polymeric insulators show better performance in polluted environments: no frequent cleaning costs, no vandalism damage, minimal inventory costs
  • Compatibility with existing modules requires little design or re-design effort
  • Few moving parts minimize maintenance costs

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