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Outdoor switching points

ABB’s Outdoor Switching Point is a complete solution dedicated to outdoor overhead lines. Starting from manual operated NPS air insulated disconnectors, our portfolio includes also SECTOS SF6 gas insulated disconnectors and Reclosers of the OVR family with vacuum interrupters. ABB Outdoor Switching Point solution also includes advanced self-healing functions options able to provide real-time protection, measurement and control to support our customers toward a successful implementation of the SmartGrid concept in the MV grid.

Increasing requirements for enhanced power quality and stringent SAIDI and SAIFI indexes are shifting market requirements toward the use of remote fully automated solutions. Manual operated equipment are more and more replaced by motor operated ones, often including remote operation and control via long-range communication and SCADA integration. With ABB product portfolio it is possible to achieve a full SmartGrid-ready solution, including self-healing functions able to provide real-time protection, measurement and control to achieve complete grid automation and superior network performance.

With its long experience in design, configuration and production of Outdoor Switching Points, ABB is able to satisfy custom made requirements and guide the customer towards the most effective solution. The solution can include all the accessories studied to ensure a fast and reliable installation at site i.e. support constructions, voltage transformer, surge arrestors, rods, rods insulators, etc.

The advanced ABB Outdoor Switching Point solution also includes relays of the Relion® family and communication modules able to ensure a fast and effective configuration, providing control and monitoring functions (ARR600-ARC600), but also extended measurement and protection functions (REC615 – RER615).

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1. Disconnectors and reclosers:

  • NPS – air insulated switch-disconnector
  • SECTOS – gas insulated load break switch
  • OVR – recloser with vacuum interrupters

2. Control gabinets with motor drives:

  • UEMC-A – control cabinets for motor drives integrated with switch
  • UEMC50 – control cabinets with motor inside, connected by rods with the switch

3. Transformers and sensors:

  • KOKU – current transformers, measurement
  • VOL – voltage transformers, power source
  • SENSORS – voltage sensors, combi sensors, CVD, measurement 

4. Relays:

  • ARR600/ARC600 - wireless controllers with GPRS/LTE communication, and basic protection functions
  • REC 615 - an advanced controller and protection device, with directional fault location, isolation and restoration

5. Communication module:

6. Optional accessories:

  • VisiVolt – passive voltage indicator 
Rated voltage (kV)
12 - 36
 Rated current (A)                                           630
Operating temperature (C)

Why ABB?

  • Global support and presence, able to support customer wherever they are
  • Safe, flexible and innovative solution able to provide value over time and maximize return of investment
  • Site-ready units delivered to site for customer’s peace of mind
  • Turnkey solution from a single and reliable partner

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