ANSI load-break cutout LBU-II

The LBU-II performs as an outdoor loadbreak switch, as well as a fused cutout for distribution systems, rated voltage 7.8 - 34.5 kV, continuous current 100-300 A

Loadbreak interruption is accomplished by means of a self-contained loadbreak arc chute which confines the arc and provides a de-ionizing action.

Rated Voltage (kV) 7.8 - 34.5
BIL (kV) 110 - 200
Continuous Current (A) 100 - 300
Interrupting (krms Asym.) 6 - 20
Conventional loadbreak operation is accomplished by normal opening of the cutout by hook-stick. There are no parts to replace. The loadbreak feature lasts the life of the cutout. The self contained loadbreak concept enables the linemen to interrupt load current with a simple hook-stick operation.

Polymer concrete, combination arrester and moisture proof tube options available on certain ratings.

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