ADAM – fleet management for protection and control devices

Easy-to-use, cybersecure and cloud-based, ADAM provides you with the full view of your devices, complete visibility of your data, and easy device management.

ADAM offers fleet management of ABB’s protection and control devices. This digital solution is fully hosted in a cloud environment and secure communication from the site to the cloud can be managed with, for example, ABB’s Arctic family of wireless communication products.

Currently ADAM can be used with Smart Substation Control and Protection SSC600, and the standalone software version, SSC600 SW.  

ADAM is available as a subscription-based service via ABB Relays-Online.


Monitor and maintain Smart Substation Control and Protection SSC600/SSC600 SW

Product benefits

  • Full view of your devices
  • Complete visibility of your data
  • Easy device management

Product features

  • Backup storage and versioning
  • Firmware updates
  • Gather records, events, logs
  • Fault analysis
  • Cyber security

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