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Remote support toolkit RST600

Remote Support Toolkit RST600, designed to offer a remote maintenance and support option for protection and control relays and communication networks. RST600 is a complete, ready-made toolkit that includes everything needed for acquiring remote maintenance and support when on-site services are not the preferred option.

The toolkit uses ABB’s Arctic family of wireless communication products for safe and secure communication. All Arctic communication devices employ VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunneling, firewalls and private IP addressing to ensure secure wireless connectivity.

The secure VPN connection is established using the following system setup:

  • M2M gateway ARM600 – a centrally located communication server, VPN concentrator and firewall that manages all connections to remote Arctic wireless gateways
  • Wireless gateway ARG600 with firewall
  • Cellular 3G or LTE network for the VPN connection between the centrally located M2M gateway ARM600 and the remote wireless gateway ARG600 

RST600 can be used, for instance, for the following purposes:  
  • Remote updating of relay firmware
  • Remote modification of relay order codes and language
  • Remote optimizing of protection settings
  • Remote relay troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Remote network monitoring and analysis, e.g. with Wireshark and ITT600. 



  • Remote support and maintenance for ABB protection relays and communication network

Product benefits

  • Everywhere: Enables access to your protection relays and network from everywhere around the world, simplifying maintenance
  • Efficiency: Higher availability and shorter downtimes as a result of rapid and targeted support while saving on travel costs and environment
  • Ease of use: Ready-made and tested set-up enabling smooth commissioning and use of the tool

Product features

  • Configured and tested ARG600 wireless gateway
  • Channel-level End-to-End communication by means of secure VPN tunnel
  • Cellular3G or LTE network for establishing the connection
  • Chat option between the remote and local end via the VPN tunnel supported
  • Customer-initiated (remote end) connection with full control from start to finish

Please check the availability of remote maintenance and support services in your region with your local ABB.

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