Centralized protection for distribution substations

Centralized protection and control (P&C) is a novel approach, where all P&C functionality has been centralized into one single device on the substation level. With this approach, you gain the ability to protect and control a wide variety of utility and industrial applications from a single device, resulting in convenient station-wide visibility, minimal engineering, and easy and cost-efficient process management.

ABB offers two options for centralized P&C. The proven turnkey Smart Substation Control and Protection SSC600 device has been on the market since 2018. Now, as the first in the world, ABB has launched virtualized protection and control with SSC600 SW. With this standalone software option, you can order only the software and install it on the hardware of your choice.

As IEC 61850 standard-compliant solutions, they offer unprecedented flexibility throughout the substation's entire lifetime. Fully modular software allows the flexibility to change with the evolving grid and meet the challenge of increasing digitalization. Up to 15 percent savings in substation life cycle costs can be achieved as SSC600 can handle new network functionalities as required.

Customizable, cost-effective turnkey P&C solutions can be made combining the centralized protection and control offering with ABB's merging units.

Fleet management for SSC600 is available with ADAM. Easy-to-use, cybersecure and cloud-based, ABB's ADAM provides you with the full view of your SSC600 devices, so you gain complete visibility of your data and easy device management.


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