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Relay retrofitting solutions

Providing a smooth transition from legacy to contemporary Relion protection relays

Relay retrofitting solutions provide a smooth replacement of a customer's legacy protection and control equipment to Relion product family relays such as 615 series, with minimum impact and high cost-effectiveness.

This is accomplished using special tools and equipment that have specially been created for this purpose.


  • Replacement of aging protection relay infrastructure, example SPACOM series (SPAM, SPAJ, SPAM) with Relion 615 series (REM615, REF615, REU615)
  • Using specialized tools such as cutting tools, wire marking and harnesses, covering plates, Migration Support Tool (MST), Relion test tool box, replacement test templates etc.

Product benefits

  • Easy handling using specialized tools ensures extended cycle of switchgear, saving in time and resources
  • Advantage of Relion 615 as replacement relays using new applications and communication possibilities
  • Blank or cover plates to cover up existing cut outs
  • Ease of maintenance 

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