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MV Substation data management

Ensuring versatile and efficient management of substation devices and external systems integration and data handling

In order to make most of the customer's investment in state-of-the-art substation feeder devices like Relion /3rd party protection relays, multi-function meters, it is necessary to have a versatile and highly efficient data concentrator device such as COM600 or RTU540 to handle the substantial data being reported by them, using IEC 61850 communication standard and other defacto protocols like IEC 60870-5, DNP3, Modbus etc. Further data sources include special devices associated with primary equipment such as transformers (tap changers) which often need hardwiring directly to the data concentrators.

The fetched device data is required to be processed, presented for local functions within the substation and also to be relayed to systems higher in hierarchy (Network Control Center SCADA, Process DCS etc.).

Also included in the solution are equipment such as time synchronization equipment, ethernet switch and other communication equipment.

While RTU540 is deployed in any solution with 20 feeders or so, COM600 is part of the solutions requiring to integrate devices from 20 feeders and above until 60 feeders.



The solution package would comprise of the following aspects

  • Installation of equipment in a free standing panel or in switchgear
  • Substation HMI (process displays, alarms, events, trends, disturbance records, historian etc.)
  • Substation level automation and control using logic controller
  • Substation communication gateway for protocol conversion 


  • Ensures full value for customer investment
  • Fully customized as per customer needs and thus flexible

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