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Description of the EMC laboratory

The laboratory is located in a 130 m², almost square area, equipped with its own ground system consisting of new earth electrodes and a copperplate 50cm-gage mesh, covered in resin-cement that forms a new floor, which is about 3 cm thick. The facility ground system is connected to the factory's main ground at only one point.

The floor space is divided into four work areas

A  Area for acceptance and checking of the apparatus to be tested, with an instrumentation archive and two transformer cabinets (25 kVA and 70 kVA)
B  3.5x3.5 m² chamber with aluminum shielding for conducted type tests
C  9x6 m² semi-anechoic chamber for radiation type tests
D  Measuring pre-chamber with shielded walls for support instrumentation (including PCs) for the two  chambers.

In areas B and D, the ground mesh is electrically connected to the entire floor and to the shielding walls in 29 points at 1m intervals; these are connected to one another with a 50x5 mm² copper bar that serves as ground for the test equipment.

In the shielded chamber, tests are regularly conducted on immunity and conducted emissions from direct current up to and over 250 MHz, as well as tests with magnetic fields and electrostatic discharges.

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