Electromagnetic compatibility test laboratory

Electromagnetic Compatibility – EMC – consists in the collective knowledge, techniques and standards that allow equipment and complex electronic systems to operate without disturbing one another in their designated environment. The implications of EMC are very relevant today because of the progressive increase of fast electronics in electric devices (industrial/civil, digital and telecommunications) with the widespread use of wireless systems, the reduced sturdiness of the technology being used (plastic instead of metal containers, which are progressively getting smaller sizes) and the type of signals used (lower and lower voltages, higher and higher frequencies).

The EMC Laboratory created in the ABB Dalmine factory falls into this setting, consisting of a significantly sized semi-anechoic chamber. The laboratory is quality certified and is capable of taking EMC readings for more than 20 different types of disturbances, in accordance with the most recent regulations and voluntary standards.
In the electromagnetic compatibility testing division, all the certification tests are conducted for low, medium and high voltage apparatus, as well as many tests for the Information, Technology, Automotive and Telecommunication fields.
It is able to comply with severity-level test requirements such as:

  • immunity tests performed at low and high frequencies, fast transients/bursts, surges, ring waves, 100 kHz to 30 (and 50) MHz damped oscillatory waves and all types of low-frequency disturbances on single-phase equipment (voltage fluctuation, frequency pulling, ripple, voltage and current drops and dips, etc.)
  • radiated immunity tests of electric fields (up to 3 GHz) and power frequency and pulse magnetic fields
  • electrostatic discharge immunity tests
  • conducted and radiated emission measurements (from 9 kHz to 3 GHz).

As well as numerous other tests in accordance with various regulatory requirements and specifications for different types of equipment.

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