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Distributed Energy Storage (DES) system

Dynamic power control (P), dynamic reactive power control (Q), generator emulation control mode, grid stabilisation features (synthetic inertia and active damping), high and low voltage ride through, black start capability and island mode.

A Distributed Energy Storage (DES) system is a packaged solution that stores energy for use at a later time. The system’s two main components are the DC-charged batteries and bi-directional inverter. This equipment is integrated into an enclosure suitable for shipping and withstanding extreme environments.

Key benefits

  • Balances generation and demand
  • Provides smooth grid integration of renewable energy by reducing variability
  • Stores renewable generation peaks for use during demand peaks
  • Flattens demand peaks, thereby reducing stress on grid equipment
  • Supports infrastructure as loads increase with electric vehicle use

Key features

  • Peak shaving
  • Load shifting
  • Voltage regulation
  • Renewable integration
  • Back-up power

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