Concrete compact secondary substation Sahara

Sahara is a prefabricated walk-in secondary substation rated up to 1250 kVA, which can be installed as a ring- or satellite-station.

The Sahara can be operated from inside, through a door with two shutters. One shutter constitutes the access to the operating room. From there, the medium voltage installation and the low voltage distribution can be operated. The second shutter serves as access to the transformer compartment.

Compact switchgear with up to 4 modules of the SafeRing, SafePlus or UniSwitch type can be easily installed.

There is enough space available for a maximum of 7 low voltage fuse-disconnectors, each 100 mm in width, as well as for the necessary measurement- and streetlight wiring.

The Sahara has a two-p art concrete suspended floor that is self-supported by the outside walls leaving the cable compartment free of any supports. Built into the floor of the hall area are removable covers which allow easy access and problem free cable laying.

The substation is divided into 4 compartments for:

  • transformer (maximum rating of 1250 kVA)
  • operating equipment
  • low voltage equipment
  • medium voltage equipment

The Sahara is delivered ready to use, i.e. with mounted MV and LV distribution equipment, earthing, lighting, accessories etc. The building and its foundation are delivered to site, the substation is lifted onto its concrete base using a lorry-mounted crane.

Why ABB?

  • Strong and flexible design
  • Easy installation on site
  • Cable entry point for temporary power connection
  • Doors have a three-point locking system and door stop
  • Available in a low magnetic field version

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