Sheet-metal compact substation Magnum

Walk-in substation with a separate aluminium foundation for installation on compact grave gravel surface or on a concrete slab.

The standard layout has suitable spaces for medium voltage and low voltage-equipment and the transformer. The operating space gives access to all apparatus. The flooring and the main beams are removable to give free access for the low- and medium voltage cables. The transformer is protected against accidental touch of “life parts”.

The framework is assembled together of profiles which are made of 2mm Aluzinc. The profiles are joined together with one way non-corrosive screws which cannot be removed from outside. The exterior surface is covered by pressure impregnated wooden planks. The roof is made of Aluzinc and painted with powder epoxy painting. The slope of the roof is 20° and fixed to the building with four locking pins which can only released from inside. The housing has a separate foundation made of 3 mm Al-sheets.

Standard delivery includes one LA 8 panel with 2 pcs of SLBM 400, and free space for additionally 6 units.

The busbar installed is rated for 2400 Amp with M12 bolts for cableing to the transformer.

As an alternative for the SLBM-system the Magnum range can be delivered with SLK-system with IP 20. LA 58 panel with SLK-system has space for max. 5 pcs of fuse-switch disconnector, type SLK 400.

The instrument module is an integrated part of low voltage panel. The module includes A-meter, V-meter with selector switch, MCCB, plug socket and lightning. The building can be painted in other colors and pan tiles to fit into the local environment.
Product scope

  • Magnum 250, for transformer with max rating 630kVA and 3-way ring main unit type SafeRing
  • Magnum 300, for transformer with max rating 1000kVA and 4-way ring main unit type SafeRing
  • Magnum 350, for transformer with max rating 1000kVA and 5-way compact switchgear type SafePlus

 Why ABB?

  • Flexible design
  • Modular system
  • Separate room with lockable door for extra low voltage equipment etc.
  • High level of personnel safety

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