ReliaGrid™ envisage EMS Engineered Solution (US and Canada markets only)

Comprehensive solution to analyze and control power usage in industrial and commercial facilities

The envisage EMS engineered solution manages rising energy costs and ensures efficient operation of mission-critical systems. It offers an exceptionally comprehensive, customizable software solution with the proven responsiveness of the ABB envisage team.

It comprises of an integrated engineered solution to communicate with a wide number of ABB and non-ABB devices, including meters, trip units and intelligent devices associated with generators, transformers, drives, and switches, based on a wide range of 100 legacy and third-party protocols.

The hallmarks of the envisage EMS engineered solution are scalability and forward compatibility in accommodating changes to energy architecture and expansions at the customer facility. And this ensures easy integration of new equipment to the solution.

The envisage EMS comprises of four customizable modules, which can be standardized according to project requirements:

  • Monitoring
  • Power Analytics
  • Energy Tracker
  • Control & Automation


  • Provides an accurate and easy-to-understand graphical representation of the industrial facility to help to make informed, timely decisions
  • Monitors energy consumption
  • Analyzes collected data
  • Receives automatic device event warnings
  • Performs advanced harmonics analysis
  • Allocates energy costs
  • Manages loads
  • Provides users a secure and complete check of quality and reliability of the power source
  • Provides email and text message alerts


  • Effective and efficient usage of assets
  • Facilitates effective energy reduction strategies to achieve significant savings in energy cost
  • Reduces power transient downtime
  • Fully customizable according to project needs

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