Ensuring uninterrupted power supply to essential processes

SUE 4000 is a fully engineered, complete and tested high-speed bus transfer solution, which .  ensures continuous power supply to essential electrical equipment by changing over from a main to a stand-by feeder as fast as possible. The downstream processes are consequently protected from expensive outages. SUE 4000 can interface with any ABB or non-ABB protection device and circuit breaker. It has been designed for easy integration into existing and new switchgear installations. ABB possesses an outstanding knowhow and experience in this application.

The prerequisites for the application are:

  • Existence of at least two -usually independent- synchronous feeders
  • Circuit-breakers with short operating times < 100ms
  • Existence of appropriate initiation devices (fast protective relays)
  • General suitability of plant for network change-over: load configuration with rotating devices
  • Rotating loads stabilize the bus bar voltage in case of a fault

The product features include:

  • Configuration with two or three circuit-breakers
  • Four different configurable motor bus transfer modes
  • Permanent supervision of involved incomers, busbars and circuit breakers
  • Integrated disturbance recorder and watchdog self-monitoring
  • Integrated safety features such as coil supervision function and decoupling function
  • Flexible bus protocol communication concept (IEC 61850 ed. 1 and 2 with GOOSE, SV and MMS Modbus TCP DNP 3 TCP IEC 103 – 104 SNTP, PTP v2 PRP and HSR)
  • Ease of use via web HMI for setting data and parameters

  • Available in five different variants to correspond to the most common switchgear configurations
  • Available as loose device or engineered solution for further installation in low-voltage compartment of a medium-voltage switchgear panel or installed in a standalone cabinet (Control and Relay Panel Solution)
  • To achieve higher performance SUE 3000 based on REX542plus relays and vacuum circuit breaker VM1-T must be used, with a transfer time around 30 ms.

Product benefits

  • Reliable, safe and uninterrupted supply to essential electrical equipment
  • Increased plant availability and prevention of costly production outages
  • Compatible to all voltage levels
  • Lower investment and operation costs
  • Minimum space requirements for mechanical installation
  • A single successful transfer can result in a full amortization of customer's investment

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