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Load-shedding controller PML630

A dedicated load-shedding controller that prevents power blackouts and outages in power networks

The PML630 is a versatile and freely configurable device that protects industrial, utility and infrastructure power networks with multiple power sources and critical consumers against disturbance-related blackouts and power outages. During a network disturbance, it ensures the availability of power supply for critical process loads by dropping less critical ones in a fast, accurate and selective way. Consequently, the duration and frequency of industrial production and power outages in the distribution network can be minimized, and damage to electrical and process equipment avoided. 



  • Comprehensive power and under frequency based load-shedding

Product benefits

  • Safeguards and provides value for investments
  • Ensures high availability of customer processes through a high-performance solution, using the full potential of the IEC 61850 communication standard
  • Seamless integration of protection and control, station automation, and power management functionality in medium-voltage switchgear
  • Offers increased flexibility and scalability and improved system integration and customization, fulfilling a variety of requirements
  • All load-shedding modes enabled and available for use with every device
  • Easy system integration using IEC 61850; guaranteed load-shedding command generation time of up to 20 milliseconds from disturbance detection 

Product features

  • Fast load shedding due to loss of single or multiple power sources, disintegration of power network, network or process conditions like rate of change of frequency etc.
  • Slow load-shedding based on overload of power sources or maximum demand violation at the power grid tie-line or generator
  • Manual load shedding initiated by the operator based on power definition or load-feeder priorities
  • Underfrequency load shedding as backup to fast and slow load shedding
  • Two to three PML630 devices work together in a distributed manner to handle bigger power networks and fast load shedding
  • Supports native IEC 61850 communication protocol, including analog and binary GOOSE messaging for reduced wiring and supervised communication

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