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Control and Relay Panel Solutions

Providing customized solutions for utility, industrial and infrastructure distribution networks

A Control & Relay Panel (CRP) solution is designed to control several feeders, through medium voltage indoor and outdoor switchgear in a primary distribution substation.

It is typically deployed when associated switchgear does not have space to accommodate the protection, control, and monitoring needs of a substation.

The CRP solution can also be extended to incorporate substation HMI, time synchronization, metering and networking functionality in the substation and thereby avoid requirement of a separate control room.

By deploying CRP solutions also enhances the safety to the substation engineer, as exposure to a live switchgear is mitigated.

And therefore, it is designed and customized to fully suit requirements of a particular customer site.


  • Used for protection, control. measurement & monitoring of electrical equipment such as transformers, generators, busbars, cable or line feeders, bus couplers, capacitor banks, voltage protection etc.
  • The CRP solution offered from ABB Digital systems can include pre-wired, pre-engineered, and tested cluster of Relion protection relays, SSC600, SMU615 merging units, RIO600 IO units, auxiliary relays, meters, AC500/AC800M PLCs, PML630, ZEE600, GPS time server, Ethernet switches, semaphore indicators, annunciators, indication lamps, push buttons test blocks/plugs, terminal blocks, DIN rails etc.


  • Fully designed, manufactured, and tested as per customer philosophy
  • Factory engineered and tested
  • Fast commissioning and deployment at customer site

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