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ZEE600 Engineered solution

Unlocking digitalization and integration in ABB digital solutions

This solution fully uses the "power of integration" offered by ZEE600 towards integrated HMI and automation solutions. It helps realize system integration in Electrification Control System (ECS), Control and Relay Panel (CRP) solutions and can be deployed in a mix of brownfield and greenfield installations in primary and secondary distribution substations across utilities, industries, infrastructure, and renewable segments.

It comprises of an integrated engineered solution to communicate with a wide number of predominanantly ABB devices and systems, using IEC 61850 standard and also some 3rd party devices using de-facto or proprietary protocols.

Engineering and system integration with ABB medium voltage and low voltage devices becomes that much more easier when using specially developed libraries, that deliver standardized display templates, engineering wizards etc.

The usage of the ZEE600 SoftPLC functionality enables execution of near-realtime or non-real time applications, such as interlock checks or automation logic, and communicating the results to other systems such as protection relays or higher level systems, in accordance to IEC 61850 Edition 2 and other standard or de-facto protocols.


Engineered solution to fully leverage ZEE600 functionality:

  • Process Awareness
  • Process Control
  • Process Monitoring
  • Secure access
  • Wide range of protocols for device/systems connectivity
  • Special ABB MV and LV device integration libraries
  • Network handling
  • Cyber security


  • Faster deployment at customer site
  • Customized and fully tested
  • Full use of ZEE600's power of system integration and versatility

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