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Drastically reduce maintenance costs: predict availability of your MV equipment and prevent failures

When the real actual condition of working devices is continuously monitored and assessed, maintenance will be carried out timely and fast - based on the signals of deterioration and increased failure probability.

Thanks to prognostic reports the occurrence of serious faults is minimized, equipment care is done proactively, takes less time, the available economic resources are optimally used, thus increasing the productivity.

As described in the previous article "4 types of maintenance strategy, which one to choose?", the condition-based maintenance is the best approach for electrification system. It allows to identify problems, check the substation equipment, find the solution for recovery, carry out necessary administrative tasks and repairs much faster, compared to corrective maintenance approach. Assets are available for smooth and safe production processes, unscheduled downtime and operational costs are considerably lower.

See Figure 1 below.

ABB service engineers and operations teams implement continuous monitoring of remote assets and performance trends to define the correct maintenance procedures at the right time. MyRemoteCare collects diagnostic information from sources like MySiteCare: a universal switchgear and circuit breaker diagnostic unit.

See Figure 2 below.

Thanks to MyRemoteCare it is possible to implement a unique remote platform including low, medium and high voltage equipment and transformers.

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