MySiteCare - universal monitoring and diagnostic unit for medium voltage circuit breakers

MySiteCare implements predictive diagnostic algorithms and provides indications concerning the mechanical, electrical and operating conditions of the circuit-breaker.

Part of customer support agreements, ABB has developed MyRemoteCare solution for condition-based maintenance of the electrification system thanks to remote diagnosis and monitoring of each circuit-breaker. It is able to acquire diagnostic information from many sources: intelligent electronic devices, smart circuit breakers, sensors and integrated diagnostic systems. When these devices are not available, ABB provides MySiteCare: a universal circuit-breaker monitoring and diagnosis device.

One MySiteCare unit must be installed for each circuit-breaker and it monitors the following variables:

  • Operation of the mechanical part: opening and closing times, spring charging time, slipping and failed spring loading attempt, number of operations, idle time
  • Remaining life estimation and contact wear
  • Monitoring of temperature inside the circuit breaker compartment and of the auxiliary voltage

Why ABB?

  • a user-friendly interface that displays faults by means of a traffic light
  • indication on how serious the fault is and the probability of failure
  • impaired reliability and safety of the monitored equipment.

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