Medium and low voltage service webinar series


Join ABB for a webinar series dedicated to pioneering service solutions and technologies. Make sure you’re getting the most from equipment during its life cycle and save money on maintenance and operating expenses.

Who should attend
This webinar series is open to anyone wanting to learn more about service solutions and technologies.

2018 medium and low voltage service webinar schedule

Class Date & time Description
Planning for successful retrofit projects
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Join ABB for a webinar to explore the realities of a switchgear retrofit job and how proper prior planning, as well as controlled execution, can ensure a successful retrofit project.
Circuit breaker retrofit options and other options for extending the life of existing switchgear
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Join ABB for a webinar covering circuit breaker retrofitting for aging switchgear and other available solutions to help modernize older gear. We will discuss four types of circuit breakers: conversion, roll-in replacement, hard-bus retrofill, and cradle-incradle. In addition to circuit breakers, the webinar will also cover relays, extensions and upgrades, and considerations and advantages of each.
Active arc flash mitigation and improving the safety of new Digital and older switchgear
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Join ABB for a webinar discussing methods and technologies to improve safety in and around existing installed switchgear including condition assessments, distance, remote electric racking, and active arc mitigation devices and applications. We will cover devices for active protection, how to integrate them into medium and low voltage switchgear and arc-resistant switchgear.

Asset Health Monitoring: shifting the maintenance mindset
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Aug. 21, 2018
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EST

Join ABB for a webinar covering the value of evaluating electrical equipment for early fault detection and proactive maintenance planning.

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