IEC gas insulated switchgear ZX2 AirPlus

Eco-efficient gas-insulated switchgear for single or double busbar applications – with the new AirPlus™ insulation gas

The ZX2 AirPlus switchgear design is based on the existing ZX2 portfolio, offering a climate-friendly alternative to end users with a green focus - keeping the same known footprint, safety and reliability. As ABB‘s top-line product, ZX2 primary distribution switchgear is especially suited for demanding applications in single and double busbar configurations in electric power distribution networks.

With AirPlus the global warming potential of the insulation gas is reduced to less than 1 - a reduction of more than 99.99% compared to SF6.

The new AirPlus insulation gas is available in a proven, safe and reliable switchgear design. Without increasing the filling pressure or adding solid-insulation, AirPlus is available in the same compact switchgear dimensions as the already established ZX2. Due to switching inside vacuum bottles, also with AirPlus the gas properties are constant over the complete switchgear lifetime, which makes the medium-voltage gas compartments maintenance-free. 

AirPlus is an alternative to SF6 and not a replacement, you can freely choose the preferred technology: filled with SF6 or AirPlus or as ‘Ready-for-AirPlus’ - the choice for businesses that want to be prepared to switch to the eco-efficient alternative in the future. This ZX2 is delivered with SF6, but it is fully compatible and tested with AirPlus for a seamless upgrade in the future.

ZX2 AirPlus is currently available in selected European markets. The AirPlus portfolio will be step-wise extended. 

Available ratings

  • Rated voltage: ...36 kV
  • Rated current: ...2000 A
  • Rated short-circuit breaking current: ...31.5 kA
  • Rated short-circuit making current: ...80 kA

Key benefits

  • Climate-friendly: Alternative for users with a green focus
  • Compact: Save space and allow more feeders in limited rooms
  • Safe and Reliable: Highest personnel safety and availability of your power supply 
  • Low operational cost: Reduced life cycle cost and optimized cost of ownership
  • No SF6 regulations: Less administration effort and reduced cost 
  • Easy replacement: AirPlus panels fit where SF6 panels fit

Key features 

  • No SF6 inside - AirPlus insulation gas with a global warming potential (GWP) < 1
  • ZX2 AirPlus with same compact dimensions as existing ZX2 using SF6
  • Sealed gas compartments protect from harsh ambient conditions and accidental access
  • Gas compartments are maintenance-free for switchgear lifetime of 30 years or more
  • Same outer dimensions as existing ZX2 switchgear



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