ANSI air-insulated motor control center SafeGear MCC

Medium voltage motor control center up to 7.2 kV

SafeGear Motor Control Centers are a complete line of UL-listed arc-resistant motor control centers in ANSI/NEMA ratings. They are designed for heavy industrial applications, including mining, power plants, steel mills, petrochemical and marine applications, transportation and general industry.

 SafeGear MCC metal-clad switchgear main features
Nominal voltage (kV) Up to 7.2
System voltage (kV) 2.4, 4.16, 4.8, 6.9 
BIL (kV) 60 
BUS (A) 1200, 2000, 3000 
Contactor (A) 400, 720
Short circuit (kA) 50 @ 2s
Dimensions (inches) 30 W x 68 D x 95 H*

                                                                 *Height without plenum

Product scope

Rated voltage: ... Up to 7.2kV
Rated current: ... 400A, Rated contactor current: ... 720A 
Rated short time current: ...50 kA @ 2s
Key benefits 

  • Equipped with mechanical interlocks between the draw-out contactor truck and the front door to increase operation and maintenance safety
  • For optimal flexibility, the SafeGear MCC is designed to be used in combination with SafeGear metal-clad switchgear so a transition section is not required
  • Each MCC frame includes a separate, isolated low-voltage compartment that separates relays, meters and other instruments using grounded metal barriers, protecting maintenance personnel from exposure to high voltage
  • Hem bends are used throughout construction of the SafeGear MCC to increase rigidity and reduce arc propagation
  • Galvanized steel construction to enhance protection from rust, scratches and corrosion, as well as to enhance illumination properties to provide better instrument viewing

Key features

  • Nominal voltage up to 7.2 kV and system voltage ratings of 2.4, 4.16, 4.8 and 6.9 kV
  • Rated main BUS current at 1,200, 2,000 or 3,000 A
  • Fully compliant with CSA and UL 347 for Motor Control Centers and meets the IEEE C37.20.2 standard for metal-clad switchgear construction
  • Type 2B arc-resistance accessibility
  • Automatic secondary disconnects
  • No transition section required for coupling to ABB SafeGear switchgear

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