Flow control mold electromagnetic stirrer ( FC MEMS )

For low to medium speed conventional slab casting

The FC MEMS will improve your end-product quality, casting speed and in turn the profitability of your operation.

A whole range of metallurgical improvements such as higher and more uniform meniscus temperature, reduced inclusions and gas bubbles, a more even molten powder layer, more homogeneous shell growth and decreased risk for mild face longitudinal cracks help to significantly improve your product quality. The FC MEMS even has a clever design, installed directly at the meniscus, allowing for maximum effect through direct flow control, which eliminates the need for additional control hardware, thus keeping your investment costs to a minimum.

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Your challenges

Increase casting speed and productivity while maintaining or improving end-product quality for conventional slab casters operating at low to medium speed.

Our solution

The FC MEMS electromagnetic stirrer allows for maximum control of mold flows with a simple and smart design that keeps investment costs down.


  • Highly effective position with installation directly at the meniscus

  • Low investment cost
  • Installation at the meniscus eliminates need for additional control hardware


  • Direct control of meniscus flow
  • Improved subsurface quality
  • Reduced risk of mid-face cracks
  • Increased productivity
  • Allows for higher casting speed


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