EMBR - proven and popular electromagnetic braking technology for thin slab casting

Electromagnetic brake for thin slab casting

The preferred choice for many steel manufacturers, the EMBR is already installed on 40% of thin slab strands worldwide.

Achieve steel cleanliness similar to conventional vertical bending casters, improve casting speed and enjoy further cost savings as the EMBR doubles the lifetime of your mold. By generating a static magnetic field which decreases meniscus metal flow speed and turbulence, the EMBR provides a whole range of metallurgical improvements including elimination of mold powder entrapments, a more even molten mold powder layer and a meniscus which is flatter, hotter and less turbulent. If you are aiming for the higher quality market segment and/or faster throughput the EMBR should be an essential part of your operation.

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Your challenges

Achieve higher throughputs in order to focus on the higher quality market segment.

Our solution

State of the art technology for thin slab casting. ABB has today applied EMBR to 40% of all thin slab strands worldwide.


  • Static magnetic field to control the flow of hot metal in the mold

  • Improves the quality of the cast steel

  • Ensures a uniform velocity for the molten steel over the entire cross section of the strand


  • Almost complete elimination of mold powder entrapments

  • Greatly improved coil surface quality

  • Similar cleanliness to that obtained with conventional vertical bending casters

  • A higher casting speed can normally be used

  • Reduction of mold copper wear, especially at higher casting speeds

  • Reduced meniscus swelling, resulting in a more even molten mold power layer

  • Hotter steel at meniscus

  • Improved product quality will open new market segments

  • Electromagnetic Mold Level Control as VUHZ can be used


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