Slab SEMS - electromagnetic stirring for conventional slab casting

For conventional slab casters producing ferritic, stainless and silicon steels

Already in operation on over 50 strands worldwide, the Slab SEMS is the most powerful technology of its kind on the market.

The strong stirring force generated by the Slab SEMS delivers metallurgical improvements superior to that of competing products. With an equiaxed ratio typically over 50%, reductions in both centerline segregation and halfway cracks and for ferritic stainless steel less ridging and roping defects, the Slab SEMS will take your product quality to a higher level. Both flexible and practical the Slab SEMS can be fitted internally or externally using a manipulator. Moreover, placement behind the rollers gives not only smooth, reliable operation but also minimizes the need for maintenance.

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Your challenges

Increase productivity and end-product quality in conventional casting of ferritic stainless and silicon steels while lowering costs.

Our solution

The Slab SEMS electromagnetic strand stirrer offers the market's strongest stirring force with a large active area. The result is metallurgical improvements superior to competing products.


  •  Strongest stirrer of its kind on the market
  •  Flexible installation options – can be fitted internally or externally
  • Not sensitive for breakouts - coil practically positioned behind the rollers
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Typical equiaxed ratio >50%
  • More isotropic magnetic properties for silicon steels
  • Reduced ridging/roping defects

  • Decrease in centerline segregation

  • Less halfway cracks by limiting crack propagation

  • Improved productivity

  • Higher end-product quality at lower cost



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