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We’re EXPO ready


Actually, the best things come to those who can’t wait

For the first time ever, World Expo 2020 will be held in the Middle East and more specifically in the dynamic city of Dubai.

If you're in government or a consultant or contractor trusted with the task of hosting the 'greatest expo' ever - we know you need the most advanced and energy efficient solutions available now to impress the world audience tomorrow.

At ABB, our ground breaking technology and proven solutions, recently awarded by the Zayed Future Energy prize, has helped global events like the London Olympics and 2014 Rio World Cup turn heads. We have the complete range of power and automation products and solutions for every one your Expo needs because we are truly ‘Expo Ready’.
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We have the technology today to reduce your carbon footprint, even while flying. 

As leaders in solar inverters, we believe in the power of the sun enough to support a record breaking, round the world solar flight with Solar impulse.

From ground breaking innovations to practical solutions, we have the answers for a city that wants to be sustainable today. 

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Solutions for your business







ABB has an electric bus that charges in 15 seconds, making it the greenest of green public transports available. ABB has developed the technology to charge a bus while passengers get on and off. It’s the ideal solution for a city that’s in a hurry to develop the mobile urban landscape of tomorrow, today.
ABB plays a vital role in the development of sustainable mobility, providing innovative and efficient technologies for EV charging infrastructure. 

We truly believe that the future of mobility is electric. 

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Solutions for your business







We have the technology that puts more green into traffic lights, so commuters see less red.  

Improving traffic flow, reducing emissions and synchronizing traffic signals for safety and public transportation vehicle priority are just a few of the benefits of intelligent transportation systems.  

Intelligent traffic solutions collect information at traffic signals all around the city, correlate the real-time data and can automatically regulate traffic policies across a city.