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The power landscape is ever changing, but the world still needs safe, reliable energy to meet its often-growing, diverse needs. Current assets, some decades old, have to be integrated with newer intelligent devices; grid operators meanwhile need to find ways to manage operational expenses, including maintenance, and extend the life of their assets. Safety is another key concern for the power industry, and assets are also coming under threat from a wide range of physical and cyber security attacks.

Asset management allows grid operators and operations managers to  monitor the health of their assets, facilitating approaches such as condition-based maintenance, which help meet uptime objectives, drive down capital and operational expenses, and improve safety. ABB Power Grids Service can help you to optimize your asset performance. Leveraging 125 years of technology leadership, domain expertise and the largest installed base in the industry, we deliver value through consulting, service and software solutions that cover a wide range of electrical asset systems.

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