Mining information management - core system

Create a secure, systematic and flexible approach to collect, store, consolidate, analyze and present process and production data across various mining sites. Follow up what is happening in the process, monitor energy consumption and production costs.

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Complete production insight in mining and minerals processing requires data collection from control systems and disparate data sources, information and knowledge management  - across the entire production chain and multiple production sites. ABB Ability™ Knowledge Manager's core system functions provide you with the basis for data aggregation, consolidation and on-line analysis, including:
  • Validation and approval mechanisms for data consistency
  • Long-term alarms statistics
  • Interactive reports and trending
  • Self-diagnostic and auditing reports

Authorized users can complement the information that is not available from your control systems using manual entries. Events and alarms are also collected and available in lists and statistical views that support advanced filtering to analyze your specific requirements at any given time.

The built-in capability to drill into details allows you to evaluate your figures in depth.
  • Enforce information consistency across multiple business levels: using Knowledge Manager's unique data validation and period closing functions, which improve proof-of-performance and compliance
  • Regional centers: consolidate and centralize information from multiple sites in one system. Obtain a new level of regional and corporate KPIs, allowing for performance comparisons between operations in cockpit-like displays

ABB Ability™ Knowledge Manager

Provides you with analytical insight to identify best practices and improve overall operation
at plant and at corporate levels

Knowledge Manager's core system functions

Connectivity and data storage

Acquiring data from process control systems and other sources
Aggregating process and production data



Process and operations monitoring

Interactive trends
Access from 800xA Mineral Library’s faceplates
Process diagram with key figures
History search functions

User experience

Web-based user interface
Easy-to-use mobile interface
Wizard guided Excel add-in

Events and alarms monitoring

Average alarms rate per hour
Peak alarm rate per hour
Alarm frequency and duration analysis

Energy & emissions monitoring

Electrical energy cost tracking per individual equipment, plant sections and plant totals
Specific energy consumption calculations per production unit or product

Enhance core functions with additional applications

Protect your systems against potential security threats

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