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Professional HV generators up to 7.3 MVA for high speed engine and turbine gensets

ABB has expanded its range to cover 0.9 - 7.3 MVA compact 4 and 6-pole generators at voltages of 3.3 - 13.8 kV. This product family offers the same high reliability and low cost of ownership as our proven high power generators. The new generator series incorporates a number of professional features that meet the specific needs of the mid-range market segment for both engine and turbine applications.

These flexible high performance generators are ideal for both continuous and stand-by operation and they are built to cope with changing and non-linear loads. They feature a powerful and most reliable independt PMG excitation as standard, offering excellent short-circuit, overload and motor starting capabilities. The innovative built-in PMG also enables easy access for bearing servicing. The 500-630 frame size open air cooled generators utilize a rigid salient pole rotor construction for reliable operation under the most demanding load conditions.

The new mid-range family is designed to help save installation time and cost. Their high degree of integration makes the generators compact and easy to erect, with a built-in brushless exciter and the internal high performance PMG. To avoid large external terminal boxes, the cable connections are integrated into the frame-top terminal space. There is ample room for easy connection of the main and auxiliary cables, and to accommodate the necessary transformers as well as the analog or digital AVR.

In parallel operation no additional PLCs or cabling are needed to realize the Voltage Droop Compensation (VDC) control. For grid operation, the optional cutting-edge ABB digital AVR provides a complete solution for high performance genset control, eliminating the need for external cubicles for synchronization or diode monitoring units. ABB is the technology leader in grid code compliant LVRT (low voltage ride through) systems, and our digital AVR not only offers power factor regulation, voltage matching and limiters, but also has additional built-in diode monitoring and auto-synchronization functions. This extra functionality saves on space, cabling and installation work. The digital AVR’s fast voltage dip detection keeps the genset connected to the network during fault situations. 

ABB has a long track-record of building reliable high performance generators to the most demanding standards for even the biggest gensets with common base frames. Over the years we have gained broad application expertise and specialized tools through our collaboration with OEMs and engine manufacturers, and we have applied this know-how to the design of these mid-range generators. 
The advanced tools we have developed, together with FEM simulation and CFD (computational fluid dynamics), ensure that our customers can create rigid and predictable genset designs that feature excellent vibration durability and reliable operation. 

Quality in ABB generators is built in to our design, manufacturing processes and the materials we use. We source our purchases from reliable suppliers only, and we perform thorough testing in all phases of manufacturing. 
Both the stator and rotor use dependable ABB form wound windings and vacuum pressure impregnation, which has proven itself for over 30 years in tens of thousands of large motors and generators operating successfully all over the world. Our advanced insulation system gives the windings superior strength to withstand vibration, and mechanical and electrical stresses. Together with our expertise in a wide range of bearing constructions, this results in high availability and trouble-free operation.

Our global manufacturing footprint, with identical production processes at all plants, ensures high quality and short delivery times backed by our local engineering support around the world. For our customers, this means the opportunity to optimize their sourcing and logistics operations.

Key customer benefits:

Compact in size and easy to install
  • Brushless exciter and PMG both built-in
  • Large frame-top Integrated terminal space with built-in AVR

Adaptability with short delivery times:

  • Standard platform for serial manufacturing with optional accessories
  • ETO range with pre-engineered configurations

Reliable operation under changing and non-linear loads

  • Good short-circuit, overload and motor starting capabilities

 Optimized sourcing and efficient logistics

  • Globally identical ABB manufacturing processes

 Local support

  • Backed by ABB’s global service network

 Complete portfolio of products from single, reliable partner

  • ABB is an experienced independent technology and market leader

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