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Increased safety induction modular low voltage motors technical data

Equipment protection level Gb for zones 1 and 2


Type of protection
Ex e
Output power
Order related; approximately 315 to 1 200 kW
Frame size
IEC 400 to 630
Number of poles
2 to 12, higher pole numbers on request
Order related; 400 to 1 000 V
Order related; 50 or 60 Hz
IP 54 / IP 55 / IP 56
IC 611 / IC 666 / IC 616 / IC 81W / IC 86W
Enclosure material
Welded steel
Motor type
Mounting type
Horizontal or vertical
Hazardous area
For zone 1 or 2
Temperature classes T1 - T3
Acc. to ATEX Directive and IEC standards
CQST (China)
GOST (Russia)
CSA (the United States, Canada)
other voltages on request

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